We help you bridge the gap between design and execution with our customized furniture.

We understand the nuances and technical precision that is required to design, engineer and produce a single piece of furniture. We offer you our expertise and perspective of the latest materials, hardware and technology while transforming your designs into reality.

We engage with you to fully comprehend the design solution offered to your client. Armed with this knowledge we manufacture furniture that


We partner with designers to fully understand their perspective and then utilize this knowledge to craft furniture that effortlessly blends with this idea. Our aim is to focus on creating unique furniture solutions that add value to your client’s vision.

You can chose from a wide array of finishes, styles, colors and materials that match your design sensibility and leave the rest to us.

We work as partners to designers in complete support and synchronization, respecting each designer’s style and vision to give you:

  • Great Furniture
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Array of design options
  • Range of colours, finishes & materials
  • Complete Support on your project
  • Strong customer service & support
  • Hassle Free Installation
  • Problem solving


Find a capable partner in us, who matches your design sensibilities and compliments your vision.

Send us your details and we shall get back

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